About Us


On January 10, 1996, the Administration for Children‘s Services (ACS)  was created as the first agency devoted solely to serving children and  their families. Children’s Services’ mission is to ensure the safety and  well-being of New York City children.Since then, ACS has become a dysfunctional agency that hurts families in every possible way.


The process usually begins with ACS being alerted to alleged child  abuse by a teacher, parent, doctor or other party. Once ACS receives a  complaint they will follow up. They will contact the parents and attempt  to interview the child and parent about the abuse. ACS will do multiple  interviews of the parent and the child. If the ACS worker finds that  the abuse is putting the child in danger they will file a petition with  the Family Court and try to remove the child from the home. It is  important to know that ACS does not record the interviews with the  parents or the child. This allows them to change their position if the  case goes to court.  


Once you call us, here is what we will do: - Discuss the case with you. - Contact ACS on your behalf. - Be present at the ACS interview. - Make sure you are treated fairly. - Demand to know the charges against you. - Record the interview. - Appear with youin court if necessary.   Call us at 917-519-8417 for immediate help.